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GB WhatsApp Pro

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Size53 MB
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Requires Android4.4 and up

Latest GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Link (FouadMods) | Updated Login Fixed Version

The updated GB WhatsApp Pro APK is the finest modification of WhatsApp that you should check out. According to its developers, the latest version has fixed the recent problem where it said, “You need the official WhatsApp to log in” and added a feature to block in-app ads. This update lifts the usual restrictions found in modified apps, granting more freedom to enjoy richer features compared to the standard WhatsApp. 

The GB WhatsApp Pro APK download link for the latest version is ready on this page. Whether you’ve been using it for a while and want to try the new features and bug fixes, or you’re new and looking for a better way to chat daily, the newest WA GB Pro has what you need.

Key Notes on GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version Download and Installation

First and foremost, GB WhatsApp Pro APK isn’t available on Google Play or other official app stores because it’s a modified version. This means you’ll need to download it from third-party sources. It’s important to know this, so you can be careful where you download from. Many websites offer APK files, but not all are safe.

That’s why we created this site where all GB WhatsApp Pro APK files are original from the official developers. Plus, we scan each file for viruses to guarantee the highest level of security for your device and data.

Also, you can’t download GB WhatsApp Pro APK on a PC or iOS device. If you try, the app won’t work properly even if you install it.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that GB WhatsApp Pro APK is a mod, which means it differs from standard apps. The Google Play security feature, Play Protect, may prevent you from downloading it if you try to do so on your phone. If you have any security applications on your device, they might also block the download of WA GB Pro, since most security tools today can easily detect app modifications and will promptly block anything unusual. 

So, to install the GBPro APK as soon as you want, turn off “Scan apps with Play Protect” via Google Play Store > Profile > Play Protect and allow for installations of unknown apps via Phone’s settings > Security and Privacy > “Unknown Sources”.

Procedures to Install GB WhatsApp Pro Download APK on Android

  • First, find the GB WhatsApp Pro APK download icon on this page and click it. The APK file will start downloading, and you’ll receive a notification at the top of your screen when it begins.
  • Once the download completes, open your file manager app and locate the downloaded GBPro APK file. Tap on the file to start the installation process, then click the install button. After it’s installed, tap the open button.
  • When you open WA GB Pro for the first time, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Then, enter your active phone number and wait for the verification code. Once you get the code, type it in to verify your number. When a pop-up asks for access to your photos and media, press Continue.
  • If you’re using GB WhatsApp APK Pro for the first time, you will need to set up your profile by adding your name, a short bio, and a profile picture. This helps others recognize you in the app. 

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Backup and Restore

The function Backup and Restore on GB WhatsApp Pro is designed to help you retrieve any deleted data seamlessly. Moreover, if you’re planning to migrate your chats from the old WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp Pro, this feature will facilitate the transition effortlessly.

Find it here: Three dots > Mod Settings > Backup and Restore option.

About GB WhatsApp Pro APK by FouadMods

GB WhatsApp Pro, an advanced instant messaging app derived from WhatsApp Messenger, includes a multitude of options for privacy, security, customization, and various other functionalities. While retaining all the default features of WhatsApp, it goes further by introducing a dedicated settings menu where users can access its enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Prevent others from seeing when you are typing.
  • Personalize your chats with various font options.
  • Set automatic responses for incoming messages.
  • Keep your last seen status static at a specific time.
  • Unique launcher icon for easy identification.
  • Save your friends’ statuses directly to your device.
  • Show blue ticks after you’ve replied to a message.
  • Prevent your name from appearing in viewed statuses.
  • Change your voice while sending voice messages for fun.
  • Send a text message to multiple contacts or groups with one click.
  • And more.

Since its initial release, GB WhatsApp Pro APK has seen contributions from multiple development teams, continuously improving and expanding its features. The version available for download here is from FouadMods, a team known for developing WhatsApp mods, including some famous ones you may also have heard of, like YO WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp.

How to Use GB WhatsApp APK Pro New Version Safely Without Getting Temporarily Banned?

The latest GB WhatsApp downloading APK Pro has updated its anti-ban protocol, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from bans. To avoid getting temporarily banned by the WhatsApp team, it’s crucial to use the app wisely.

First off, make sure you download the original GB WhatsApp Pro APK from a trusted third-party website like ours. This ensures you’re getting the version with the anti-ban feature, rather than a potentially problematic variant.

Just as importantly, stick to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. Avoid these actions to stay on the safe side:

  • Blasting bulk messages to any contact.
  • Sharing inappropriate messages/images/videos.
  • Making hate or defamatory statements.
  • Spamming with broadcast messages and media.
  • Bombarding contacts with the same message repeatedly.

Lastly, always keep your GB WhatsApp Pro mod APK up to date.

Check GB WhatsApp Pro APK Update

To check the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro APK:

  • Tap the three dots to access the menu.
  • Choose “Mod Settings” and scroll down to the “About” section near the bottom of the list.
  • Here, you can see the current version of your GB WhatsApp Pro APK and find out if a newer version is available.

If there’s an update, tap “Update” on the same screen where you found “About” and follow the prompts to download the new APK. 

Alternatively, you can revisit our webpage to get the latest GBPro APK. The new version will automatically replace the old one, so you won’t need to back up and restore your chats.

How to Use GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version on PC

The updated GB WhatsApp Pro APK now allows a strong connection with your PC without needing an Android emulator, thanks to the new “Linked Device” feature.

First, open the WhatsApp webpage on your PC, and a QR code will appear on the screen. Then, on your phone, open GB WhatsApp Pro, go to Settings > Linked Devices. This will open a scanner on your phone.

Use your phone’s scanner to detect the QR code displayed on your PC. Once the QR code is scanned, the connection between your phone and GB WhatsApp Pro on your PC will be established automatically. Enjoy managing your chats across devices.

FAQs on GB WhatsApp Pro APK 2024

Can I use GB WhatsApp Pro APK and WhatsApp on the same phone?
Yes, you can! The updated GB WhatsApp Pro APK lets you use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone with its dual account feature.

Is GB WhatsApp downloading APK Pro safe to use?
We guarantee a 100% safe download from our website. All APK files come directly from the developers and are thoroughly checked before uploading.

What’s the difference between GB WhatsApp Pro APK 2024 and WhatsApp?
GB WhatsApp Pro APK 2024 offers many customization options that standard WhatsApp doesn’t. You can change themes, bubble ticks, fonts, and wallpapers to make it look just the way you want. Standard WhatsApp has a simpler, less customizable layout. GB WhatsApp Pro also lets you share files up to 1GB, while regular WhatsApp limits you to 100 MB. For privacy, GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to hide chats and your typing status, giving you more control over your privacy than standard WhatsApp.